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Exterior Hardwood Plywood

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Product Description

Exterior Hardwood Plywood

Versatile non-structural building board with a smooth sanded surface
Smooth sanded surface.
Has a high weight to strength ratio.
Uses include general joinery, shelving, boxing in, signage, fascia's and soffits, van and trailer linings, stressed skin panels, huts, garages, sheds, external joinery, walkways, temporary structures, rail and road containers, packing cases, bins, silos, hold lining in ships, vehicle building, cold storage containers, benches, shelving and concrete formwork. Used as external wall panels and claddings but only when edge sealed.
Responsibly sourced and E1 emissions compliant.
CE marked and compliant with EN13986 governing panels for use in construction.
When used externally all faces and edges should be treated with an appropriate preserver
Made from thin timber layers laid at right angles and heat bonded with resin adhesive. Trimmed and sanded. Designed to resist warping and bending

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